Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teenage boys off school: the horror, the horror!!

OMG!!! The kids have been to school 1 day in the last two weeks because the school closed due to snow. Trying to keep teenage boys full isn't easy. Trying to explain that you can't put brownies in the oven at the same time you're cooking homemade pizza seems to be beyond they're comprehension. The only time the oven gets a chance to cool down is when they're asleep and that hasn't been till 1 a.m. because they're playing on their PS3 or Xbox 360. And at the sleepovers they take food, (usually pizza) with them.

I could understand the need for so much food if they were actually expending energy but how much energy do you need to work your thumbs?

In my frustration I threw together "Pizza Boy." He's a quick n dirty and I used pieces from other designs, but he gets the message across. I'm not so sure getting a breadmaker for Xmas was such a good idea. Expectations have been raised and I'm exhausted...LOL

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